Board of Directors and Meeting Information


Changes to garbage and recycling pickup go into effect.
Please see details under the Owner Resources tab of this website.

Garbage pickup (beige bin) and yard waste pickup. Do not mix garbage and yard waste in the same bin.

Recycling pickup (blue bin)

The new recycling bins are to be stored in your garage,
not in the driveway or on the side of the house.

NOTICE TO HOMEOWNERS: Due to scheduling issues, the meeting of the LLHOA that was tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 11, 2015 at the Gifford Community Center is postponed. A meeting notice will be distributed as soon as a new date is secured. Thank you for your patience.

Summer Break: Please note that BOD Meetings adjourn for the summer and pick up again in September.

Update: The LLHOA BOD held their April 22, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting at the home of the President: the following are the results of this meeting:

Rental Amendment Status: The BOD all agreed to move forward with our 4th Draft that will Amend and Resolve issues concerning rentals within Lindsey Lanes. Motion was placed on the table by Donnel C. and 2nd by Bob S., All were in favor. The minutes of this meeting will be forwarded to our Attorney for action. Owners will receive a voting proxy in the mail. Please vote yes and let's reduce the rental's within LLHOA to 10%. Currently we are at 22 rentals. A Special Owners Meeting will be held on May 30th at 10:00am at C.J. Cannons. More information will follow. It may be necessary for the LLHOA BOD to "campaign" a YES VOTE in order for the amendment to pass. We need 66 -2/3 yes votes to pass. 73-77% of our owners.

Erosion at West Entrance/Painting Project: Bob will obtain another bid on a "retaining wall". The BOD has another option to prevent further erosion. Our canals are owned by Indian River Farms with a 30 foot right of way; and is this land is unincorprated. Installation of additional plant material is another option incorporated with miscellanous concrete. More to follow and will be updated on this site.

New Wall Lights: New lights are here and will be installed in conjunction with our painting project of our columns. A big Thank You to Bill J. for ordering these lights.

Landscaping Projects: Barb will obtain two (2) additonal bids.

Trimming of our Oak Trees: We have 19 Oak trees in our common area that must be maintained for their health and appearance. We have 11 Live Oaks and 9 Laurel Oaks. They require trimming approximately every 3 years. Island Arbor (Certified Arborist) will complete our request. The cost of trimming will be $2,400.00. Motion made by Chris and 2nd by Donnel. All in favor.

Two Vacant BOD seats: Bob Snyder made a motion for nomination of Cheryl Bockstahler and Karen Malcom to fill the seats on the BOD. Both Ladies accepted. Motion was seconded by Donnel.

West Pump House: It was determined that it has lived it's life and is scheduled to be replaced. This "Dog House" will be identical to our East Entrance Pump House that was installed shortly following the 2004 hurricanes.

Aluminum Railings: Our aluminum railings are being considered for removal and installing a low-maintenance bush, such as Viburnums. Irrigation is already in place. These railings would be "recycled" "sold" to the local recycle center and proceeds will come back to LLHOA operating fund, and kept out of our landfills.

Next Meeting: The next LLHOA BOD Monthly Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 20th, 6pm at the home of Chris Dales; 4835 50th Drive.